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Metal Roofing Leland is one of the leading roofing system installers in North Carolina, USA. We’ll assist you choose the correct roof system for your home. Thousands of roofs have been mounted throughout the county. We know well how relentless the weather can be on your rooftop, and our product is tested and intended to withstand even the most difficult weather. Our task is to ensure outstanding value for our clients by ensuring excellence in our roofing installation services.


Metal Roofing Installation Cost

Most customers know very well about tin roofing, but other metals are used as the main material in the roof for manufacturing panels. Aluminum and steel roofing can also be offered by builders. Metal roofing also can be created to look like shingles or formed into a large-sized “seam” variety.

So just HOW can you determine on average the expenses and equipment required to install a metal roof?

According to the US Census, the average home is currently around 24’x45.’ This is 2200 square feet, with a roofing of 1700 square feet. The average roof also has a mild pitch of 6/12, which shows that roughly every twelve inches in height will increase by six inches. Today, most modern roofs are very simple and streamlined so they won’t have a lot of complex angles to increase total expenses.

metal roofing leland

A simple philosophy

Our philosophy is easy: determine where a roof will fail and change the design in order to keep your roof strong and lasting longer. This is simpler to say than to do though.

How do we guarantee you have a high quality metal roof.

  • You and your roofers must commit themselves to using improved materials and building methods.
  • Your roofer should have a devoted crew that expertly installs sheet metal.
  • Your roofer should know how to install lots of different types of metal roofs.
  • These all lead to a much higher quality roofing installation.

Metal Roofing Leland has been installing roofs on households for many years now. We give roof repair, roof maintenance and new roof assembly. If you have questions about the cost of a new roof or the cost of repairing your roof. Our roofing contractors are quick and precise and will deliver the best estimate for free!

Reduce heating & cooling cost

By installing the metal roof of your Leland home, not only will you improve your homes quality, reduce heating and cooling costs . And it will reduce the insurance of your owners. It will last two to three times as long as a typical non-metal roof. The investment that you make to replace your roof with Leland metal roofing reduces your energy charges. So it pays for itself within ten to fifteen years!

Call for more information on new metal roofs! Contact us today, whether in Leland, Wilmington and surrounding areas, for a free estimate of a new metal roof for your home.

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