Metal Roofing Wilmington NC can provide your house with durability, enhanced energy efficiency, longevity, and a distinctive attraction.

Metal roofing is an increasingly common option in fresh housing and commercial buildings. Many homeowners decide to upgrade the standard products to metal roofing.

Metal roofing comes in a wide range of different styles and colors to make it simple for your fresh house to suit. Check out the latest job of the Atlantic Roofing Company in Wilmington, Jacksonville, North Carolina to get an insight into your fresh steel ceiling.

BENEFITS OF METAL ROOFING Metal Roof can last a lifetime.

  • Energy Star metal roofs are rated and are eligible for tax credits.
  • Reflecting solar radiant energy, the storage, and heating expenses can save up to 40% for the Sheds Snow and Ice, which helps to avoid Ice Dams.
  • Winds up to 130 miles per hour and greater can withstand.
  • They do not rot or break and offer great security against corrosion.
  • Metal roofing is a green product that receives green construction credits.
  • They are fire-resistant, thus reducing insurance for homeowners.
  • The probability of ceiling leaks and continuing maintenance are greatly reduced.
  • Metal Roofs improve the importance and pay for your construction.
  • Metal roofs are durable, durable and maintenance-efficient.

Wilmington NC Metal roofing provides a broad range of metal roofing goods and can also produce and assemble specialized metal towers. All our metal towers are mounted according to the requirements and suggestions of the producers. We also conform to the district assembly regulations and fixing times to ensure that your roof can resist hurricane storms or anything else that is dispersed by Mother Nature. All cuts from the gables to the ridge caps are custom-built in order to lock your fresh metal roof, keep wind, rain out and ensure a lifetime effective metal roof.


We offer homeowners and business roofing installation facilities across South-East NC. Metall-roofing Wilmington NC provides a broad range of roofing products with the biggest choice of metal and shingle products to the southwest. We treat your house with dignity, regard, and attention to detail when we operate on your ceiling. We only use established roofing materials with the finest guarantees and assembly techniques in the industry.

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