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Metal Roofing Wilmington

Want a roof that looks like a tiled wonderland, that is long lasting and low maintenance? Tired of
the constant problems and maintenance of asphalt roofing? When it comes to metal roofing
Wilmington, there are plenty of types and material options available. One of the most visually
stunning and appealing options in our opinion is Slate/shingle Metal Roofing Wilmington.

As experts in all things Slate/shingle metal roofing Wilmington, we offer our clients a wide array
of options in this service, from installation to repair to maintenance and beyond. When it comes
to metal roofing, we are the best there is and are able to satisfy even the most
uncertain of customers. Contact us today for more info and a free quote!

Shingle metal roofing

The second most popular residential metal roofing option available at the time of writing, just behind standing seam metal roofing. They come in a huge variety and array of different metal styles from many different companies and manufacturers. The most common metals used to manufacture metal shingles are galvanized steel and aluminum, though you can also find a few types of copper and even zinc shingles.

Installing with us

As experts in our craft, we custom plan each installation thoroughly before even a hammer is lifted. Understanding the roof and materials and the process is paramount to success and we will explain every step in detail for our clients understanding and leisure. We offer a wide array of styles in installation, with the best and most popular installation being the overlapping or “stair” style. This is the quickest, most reliable and visually appealing options available. Should your house handle another option better or provide better results, we will recommend the better technique or style.

Repairs and costs:

Cost is a major factor in any installation or Slate/shingle metal roofing Wilmington project. Be at ease, as when working with us you are guaranteed a fair and honest price. With our reputation as quality installers, we have been serving the people of Wilmington for many years, in all things roofing. Our roofs are guaranteed and our repair prices are unbeatable should you require it!  

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Get your metal roofing Wilmington project off the ground with us, the best metal roofing service money can buy!

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